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Hot Lunch Program

Our hot lunch program is through Cater Tots, a catering company that specializes in lunch programs for schools. All ordering and payment is done online at . Our school code is MFM333. You must order up to 2 days in advance and you call cater tots directly for any cancellations by 8:30 AM the day you are out due to illness.

Cater Tots has a varied menu each day with food items prepared daily and selected for nutrition. They adhere to the following nutritional guidelines:

No High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS); No artificial colors; Trans Fat Free; No MSG; Hormone-Free Milk (no added hormones & no rBST); 100% Juices; Caffeine Free Drinks.

If you have any questions regarding the menu items, they welcome inquiries from parents. Feel free to call them at 714-751-8500.


Snack Suggestions

For our mid morning snack, we encourage parents to bring food from two different food groups and low in sugar. For example, string cheese and fruit,  cheese and crackers, or yogurt and crackers. We are also a NUT FREE school so please make sure and check the labels.

A snack host calendar is posted in every room for your convenience.

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