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Feel free to contact Karen with any questions concerning enrollment.

New Grand Opening Promotion

There will be a discount of $100 off the monthly tuition rate for the first 12 months.  All registration fees will be waived the first year.  This discount can only be applied to full time enrollment and monthly tuition payable in advance on the first week of the month.


We are now enrolling for Fall 2010.  Please contact us for more detailed information.

Weekly and Monthly rates available for Full or Part-time schedules:

Infant (12 – 18 months)
Toddler (18 months to 2 years)
Preschool (potty trained – 5 years)
Kindergarten – Primary (5 years – 2nd grade)

The Full Day schedule allows you to drop off and pick up your child during the center hours of 6:30A to 7:00P.

Half Day enrollment is on a 5-hour schedule either in the morning from 6:30A – 11:30A or the afternoon from 12:30P – 5:30P.