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Welcome to a new school year 2017-2018! My name is Mrs. Kirstin, and I will be your child’s  Lead teacher in the Orange Class. I’ve been a lead teacher in the Orange Class for 8 years. We are also a Vietnamese emergent class. Along with me are my co-teachers who are Mrs. Marie and Mrs. Phuong. We are very happy to welcome Mrs. Marie to our class this year. Mrs. Marie is currently a Montessori teacher who taught previously in the Green Transitional  class last year. Mrs. phuong will continue to teach Vietnamese with us in the Orange Class from 10:50am-11:15am. We are all very excited and look forward to have your child learn with us.

Along with the first month of school, we will be learning about the Montessori classroom and playground rules. This includes circle time routines, washing hands, bathroom hygiene, table manners and etiquette, courtesy using kind words, etc.

On every Friday, we have what we call Fun Fridays where we have food prep, sharing, art, scientific experiments, etc

Parents, please always read our memos and bulletins on our classroom door. Our purpose is to have you informed as much as possible and participant in extracurricular activities. There are also our school monthly newsletter and snack sign ups!

Last but not least, Thursday September 14th is our Back to School night. I hope everyone of you can make it. We are looking forward to seeing your there.

Orange Class. 


Ms. Kirstin, Ms. Shab & Ms. Renee My First Montessori




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