My First Montessori honors the contributions of our dedicated and caring staff over the past 8 years. You have undoubtedly touched the lives of so many of the families that we serve.

Administrative Staff

DirectorWendy Martin
Assistant DirectorJamie Patopoff
Administrative AssistantCarissa Costa
Front Desk SupportEmily Curington

Academic Staff


Red Room

Stacy Holmes
Norma Martinez

Orange Room

Kirstin Vu
Lilies Bogle
Phuong Pham

Yellow Room

Stephanie Bisignani
Jurincka Robinson

Green Room

Ramanika Meegahawatte
Cheryl Phan

Blue Room

Shagoofa Mohammad
Maria Hipe

Purple Room

Mishay YoungOlivia Gomez
Julia Alkire

Pink Room

Chandi Wickramanayaka
Gliceria Bianzon
Lauren Destefano
Jocelyn Lopez

Bronze Room

Spanish Immersion ProgramAlecia Jenkins
Shabnam Sohailie-Vafa

Silver Room

Erika Galen
Sara Bruni

Gold Room

Angela Pada

Music Teachers

Michael Steinkirchner, Kathy Ruppel/Emily Currington

Art Director

Lorraine Valdiva

Support Staff

Judy Kim